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Happy Easter from P-Pods! (April 19, 2019)

Happy Friday, P-Pod Fans!

You ate all the Peeps already, didn't you? It's fine, we did too.

This week, we brought you lots of great content about pelvic health; fitting for an egg-based holiday season, yes? Tristan spoke with physical therapist Dr. Ashlie Crewe-Campitella about pelvic pain and physical therapy options on this week's Sex Out Loud, and Nicoletta and Simone had a discussion with sex and trauma therapist Kayna Cassard about Kegel exercises and more on this week's Sluts and Scholars.

A big congratulations to Sex Talk With My Mom for their 200th episode this week! Tune in to the very special anniversary episode wherever you get your podcasts.

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Dr. Ashlie Crewe-Campitella on Understanding Pelvic Health

Pelvic health physical therapist Dr. Ashlie Crewe-Campitella talks about how she became an expert in her field. We’ll talk about pelvic pain, pain during sex, postpartum conditions, vaginismus, and physical therapy treatment options.

Is a "Tight" Vagina a Thing? Pelvic Pain with Kayna Cassard

Have you ever had the Q-tip test? Do you know that Kegel exercises are NOT for everyone? Can you really have a "loose" vagina? This episode is sooo important. We have heard from many listeners about their struggles with pelvic pain, so this week we are so excited to be joined by Kayna Cassard, Sex and Trauma Therapist and pelvic pain expert, to talk about chronic genito-pelvic pain.  

The 200th Sex Talk! // We Fantasize About Our Guests!

200 SEX TALKS WITH MY MOM! We cannot believe we've gotten to this point! We absolutely could not have done it without all of your support. To celebrate, we revisit with our favorite past guests, some who first came on the show over three years ago! They share with us their most memorable sexual experiences, their secrets to great sex, and their reflections on sex talking with my mom! LET'S PARTY!

Be a part of our show! We want to hear about YOUR most memorable sex experience, secret to great sex, and the 3 words you'd use to describe your time with us. Text or leave us a voicemail at (YES) TEXT-MOM, or (937)-839-8666.

Julia Ann

Julia Ann is one of the most beloved classic porn stars of all time, and she is still just as stunning as she was 30 years ago when she started as part of the famous stripping duo with Janine Lindemulder called "Blondage". Since then Julia has had contracts with the biggest studios in porn, but she claims she is happiest now, working freelance. In this episode she talks about the drama of her contract star days, her passion for animal rescue, and her issue with the sometimes misguided mob of social justice on the internet. In a world where social media provides a platform for the adult industry to devour it's own in the blink of an eye, Julia has long been the voice of reason, cautioning against joining the social justice mob without consideration for the entire story. An articulate, level-headed, and often funny woman of experience, Julia has a lot of important things to say, and we believe that you should definitely listen! 

'F. Scott Surprise' (Shawn Silverman)

When Shawn Silverman’s marriage ends, he joins OKCupid and promptly meets F. Scott SuperFan Nickie, whose fetish for archery and flesh hooks feels like going from 0 to 120 after his 7 year relationship. How can he keep up with this wild child? Utilizing a trail of literary tributes and some dodgy GPS instructions, he shows this ButtSex Champion that while the Vanilla may be lacking in needle play skills, they more than make up for it by paying attention. Zelda would be so proud! #AnalHook #BrokenBones

Awakening the Pussy: Vulva Mapping With Sexological Bodyworker Dolly Josette

What is vulva mapping and Sexological Bodywork? How can a vulva mapping session help a vulva-owner to awaken sensation and expand orgasmic potential? How does this apply to lovers/partners? Our special guest, Dolly Josette, answers this and much much more (believe are probably going to want to learn all about how to get your own genital mapping session after listening to this episode). 

And guess what? Dolly is offering a FREE SESSION to one of the winners of our upcoming Instagram campaign for Masturbation May. Be sure to follow us on Insta to learn more. 

The Science of Cuckolding & The Psychology of Dick Pics w/Dr. Justin Lehmiller

Cuckolding: it seems everyone’s doing it but no one’s talking about it! On episode 85 Dr. Justin Lehmiller shares the science and research about this taboo fetish. You’ll learn how cuckolding has roots in evolutionary biology; the surprising correlation between the conservative lifestyle and cuckolding; gay cuckolding vs hetero scenarios; complimentary fetishes like forced bi, chastity, feminization & cross-dressing; how to tell your partner about your cuckold fantasies and incorporate them into your sex life; and the alt-right adaptation of “cuck” & how it’s affected shame and confusion about this fetish. We also answer a listener question about cross-dressing and mismatched libido plus Justin tells us about his latest research on dick pics-- specifically who sends them and...

Mom Banged In Front of the Treasury Building

In a Catholic nursing home, on a ski run called "Pinball," roadside during a forest fire! These are some of the places you wonderful listeners have had sex! In this Monday Morning After Show, we respond to your answers to "Where is the craziest place you've had sex?" We also share stories about the craziest places we've had sex and needless to say KarenLee has a topper and Cam comes up short. 

Thank you to all you sex talkers who have submitted answers to last week's question. If you'd like to participate in our Monday Morning After Show, chime in to this week's question: "How would you describe first time you had GREAT sex?" You can answer us on Instagram @SexTalkWithMyMom, or text / leave a voicemail for us at (YES) TEXT-MOM, or (937)-839-8666.

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