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Happy Friday, friends! (April 12, 2019)

Happy Friday, P-Pod Fans!

Neato about that black hole, huh?

This week, we've got some great content about online dating! Cam gives us a look into ~sliding into the DMs~ on Instagram as an alternative to traditional dating apps on Sex Talk With My Mom, and Tristan Taormino speaks with the founders of diverse new dating app #Open on Sex Out Loud.

If you've been considering delving into the online dating world, check out this week's podcasts and learn what kind of dating app is right for you!

Amanda and David of hashtag Open

Entrepreneurs Amanda & David talk about #Open, their new diverse dating app, the limits of traditional dating apps, who’s left out of them & how they created one built on respect, inclusion, communication, safety, and transparency.

Tell Me What You Want...What You Really Really Want with Dr. Justin Lehmiller

OMG it is our 100th episode!!!! This celebratory ep. features author and psychologist Dr. Justin Lehmiller. We talk all things fantasy from MILFs, to adult baby diaper lovers, force fantasies, and human cows. Also- can ex sex be a good thing and when should you not act on your fantasies?

The Future of Sex with Bryony Cole

Bryony Cole is one of the world's leading experts in SexTech, and we chat with her about the future of sex, ranging from sex robots to dick-destroying rape-prevention devices. KarenLee grows curious about the evolution of SexTech through history (of course she goes back to Christopher Ryan and the bonobos). Cam grows concerned about how SexTech will ignore the key ingredient to sex – human connection and authentic desire. Turns out we're not far away from the movie Her!

London River

London River is a pornstar with an extensive background in hardcore BDSM scenes. She talks about the importance of consent and boundaries in hardcore bondage scenes, including the time she got her vagina sown shut for a scene. Stripping is a big part of London's life, and she's got plenty of stories from her 18+ years as a dancer (many of them involving urine). A big dog lover who only adopts rescues, London is a multi-faceted girl who's modest day-to-day lifestyle fails to reflect the fierce wildness of her sexuality on screen. 

'Boob Voyage' (Allison Moore, Pierced Angel)

Yes, they’re REAL! On this episode, PiercedAngel can only dream of sporting a pair of bodacious Blouse Bunnies - till she learns about the Titty Fairy and Bodacious Bazonga financing (The Girl Can’t Help It), Jefferson Bergey surprises us with a song about Dixie’s secret superpower (Applause Boobs), and Allison Moon decides that getting a breast reduction isn’t about the patriarchy at all - it’s about her own comfort and pleasure (Thanks for the Mammaries). Y’all, it’s Episode 69, and this one’s all about Breasts!

How to Have Deep Connection and Juicy Sex! With Dr. Nicola Amadora

This episode features Amy’s beloved therapist, teacher, guide and mentor, Dr. Nicola Amadora. We talk all about relationship – with the self and with others – and tools for deeper, more profound connection. Nicola teaches us how to break through our protective walls as a means of tapping into more LOVE and ALIVENESS, including “getting naked without taking our cloths off”. And we talk about how it all translates to juicy sex ;)

We also answer the sex question: My partner put on weight and I’m not very attracted to him these days. How can I improve my feelings for him?

Unpopular Opinion: Sex Ed Edition
On episode 84 of American Sex Podcast, you’re a fly on the wall during a candid conversation between Dirty Lola, Jimanekia Eborn & Sunny Megatron. What started as a twitter debate opened the door to a much larger, systemic issue in both the sex ed community and the world at large. We examine what happens when our well-meaning feminist activism leads way to paternalism, savior complexes, and intersectionality that’s more of a buzzword than something that’s widely understood. We touch on performative allyship vs being an accomplice, when it’s appropriate to speak up on issues affecting marginalized communities and when “stay in your lane” applies, how anti-blackness rears its head even in the most liberal communities, and more. Take a deep breath, listeners, there’s a lot...

Cam Slides Hard Into DMs

Cam is now using Instagram as a dating app. KarenLee is putting his odds for success at 0%. We also respond to the following questions:

  • Do you believe in the concept of marriage?

  • Is it bad to lose sexual desire in a relationship?

  • What are some tips for having more sex with a partner?

  • When *should* people have sex for the first time?

  • Should you go down on someone even if they don't intend to reciprocate?

This is the Monday Morning After Show (MAS) where we respond to listener comments and questions! To participate in next week's convo, let us know the riskiest place you've had sex by leaving us a voicemail or texting us at (YES)-TEXT-MOM, or (937)-839-8666.

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