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Happy weekend! (April 6, 2019)

Happy Weekend, P-Pod Fans!

This week, we brought you lots of content about getting to know yourself and finding out more about yourself sexually. Holly Randall spoke with Charlotte "Goth Charlotte" Sartre about BDSM porn and actors who perform in both straight and porn videos; Cam and KarenLee spoke with Ginny Hogan about pegging and other sexual adventures on Sex Talk With My Mom; and Amy and April discuss how to find your kinks on this week's episode of Shameless Sex.

Join us on a journey of self-exploration and discover some new things about yourself!

Amanda and David of hashtag Open

Entrepreneurs Amanda & David talk about #Open, their new diverse dating app, the limits of traditional dating apps, who’s left out of them & how they created one built on respect, inclusion, communication, safety, and transparency.

Endometriosis: The Invisible Disease with Dr. Shannon Chavez
March was Endometriosis Awareness Month, so the slutty scholars asked sex therapist, psychologist and endo crusader, Dr. Shannon Chavez, to discuss everything endo: what might cause it, what the symptoms are, how it affects people's lives and relationships, ways to support a partner with endo and much more. This episode is soooo important in helping to name and identify chronic illnesses and chronic pain (esp. ones that we can't see). Help us spread the word about Endo!

Charlotte Sartre

Charlotte is an alt porn star with a penchant for super hardcore scenes, taxidermy, and of course, her new husband Lance Hart. In this episode she speaks honestly about working in a Nevada brothel, and why she loves sex work so much. She and Holly also discuss STD testing, the shifting reality of what being HIV-positive means, and the stigma against "cross-over" performers: those who do straight and gay porn scenes. A very open discussion about a lot of subjects that most performers prefer to avoid, Charlotte speaks from the heart and is sure to win you over.

The Power of Pegging w/ Comedian Ginny Hogan

To the uninitiated, "Pegging is when someone wears a strap-on and sticks it up their partner's butt," says KarenLee quoting Urban Dictionary. Comedian Ginny Hogan (New Yorker contributor and Sex and Dating writer at Elite Daily) comes on to teach us Pegging 101. We get into the details about acquiring the necessary materials (a.k.a., the peg), how to approach a partner about participating in the act, what it feels like to both parties, the optimal/necessary positions for pegging, and what to do with your peg once you're finished. Please let us know your pegging stories by texting or leaving us a voicemail at (YES) TEXT-MOM, or (937)-839-8666.

'Tonight's the Night' (Midori)

Midori shares a spectacular personal story at Bawdy - be gentle, it’s her first time! When an older man begins to ask after her in her small town, nerdy straight A exchange student Midori sees an opportunity to escape the teenage boys at her high school. With the help of her 2 best girlfriends, a pair of hand-sewn fishnet stockings and a trip to Planned Parenthood, the night of her sexual rite of adulthood is finally here…um, why do they call it ‘Virginity’ anyway? #Graduation

How to Find Your Kink

What is kink and how do I know if I'm kinky? How do I start to explore my kink, and how do I talk about it with my partner? We also answer a sex question: I'm a healthy 42 year old man, married to my beautiful queen, and I have a hard time getting/keeping an erection. Please help.

Screwnicorn Lance Hart

Adult Star Lance Hart is our guest on episode 83 of American Sex Podcast. If you’re a straight-identified guy that’s been curious about dipping your toes into the bi pool, you’re going to enjoy Lance’s account of the first time he bonded sexually with another man. If you’re in the adult industry and geek out about the business side of things, you’re going to get a ton of practical information out of this episode. If you’re interested in what’s behind the porn you see-- how people get into it, how performers stay hard for 8 hour shoots, how pornstars can consider themselves monogamous, and how consent works (and doesn't work) on set-- then this episode is a must listen! Sunny & Ken also kick off a mega-giveaway for the month of April.

"It's Amazing Any Woman Wants to See You Again"

How does KarenLee’s and Cam’s anxiety affect their sex lives? We dive into our recent sexual encounters to show exactly how anxiety can affect a hookup. We also discuss your responses to: How would you describe your first time in three words? It gives us a clear idea for what people’s first times are like. We also discuss why some people prematurely ejaculate and why KarenLee recommends cougars for first timers.

Peyton Carper