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It's getting warm in here... (March 29, 2019)

Happy Spring, P-Pod crew!

Last week marked the first day of spring, and we all know what that means; it's cleaning time! Whether you're hoping to finally finish that project you started forever ago, or clean the scary space behind the fridge, or just do a little self-reflection and some mental clean-up, there's a Pleasure Podcast that can help you do it.

You can pass the time doing those boring chores with the full first season of Masala Jones or some raunchy tales from Bawdy Storytelling, or take some time with exploratory podcasts like American Sex Podcast or Sex Out Loud to find out what you're really into.

Whatever your project is this spring, we at Pleasure Podcasts will be here to keep you company!

Stavroula Toska on Being an Undercover Dominatrix

Stavroula Toska was born and raised in a small town in Northern Greece. At seven years old she announced to her mother that when she grows up she will move to America to make movies and be rich and famous. At 22 she moved to New York City and studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She is the creator, writer, director and star of SWITCH, a multi-award-winning scripted drama series based on her true life story and years of working as an undercover dominatrix in New York City. We'll chat with her and the cast, including Olympia Dukakis, Charles Everett, Alicia Greene, Andrew Chmelko, and Eleni Yiovas.

Unfiltered with Holly Randall

This week the slutty scholars are joined by Holly Randall, porn producer, photographer, fellow Pleasure Podcast Collective member, and all around boss lady! Did you ever think this show would cover cotillion and etiquette classes? Find out how to interact with snacks and what NOT to wear to cotillion. But mostly this episode is about the way the adult industry has changed, paying for porn, female directors, being behind the camera, and a touch of race in the industry. Pinky out!

Legendary Virginity Stories w/ Second City Cast (LIVE!)

We had the honor of recording this live podcast episode on the mainstage of Second City Chicago, where legends like Tina Fey, Bill Murray, John Belushi, and so many more got their start. The current Second City company is a group of hilarious storytellers and they each share how they lost their virginity. Strap in for this wild episode!
If you enjoyed the Second City (@thesecondcity) company, follow Ryan Asher (@reen_machine), Nate Varrone (@natevarrone), Kimberly Michelle Vaughn (@suburbanblckgrl), Emma Pope (@emmerpope), Tyler Davis (@tyleradav), and Jeff Murdoch (@jmurdoink). You can also see their show at Second City Chicago, "Algorithm Nation or The Static Quo." 

'Catcalled' (Krashkittn)

Here Kitty Kitty! When nerdy new hire Jessica shows up on the job, video game artist Marley realizes he’s finally found his true love – and promptly throws away his stash of women’s clothes. But the urge remains, so Marley comes up with a plan: beta test those feminine dreams by becoming Krashkittn for Halloween. Will walking a mile in women’s boots tell her whether to share her secret (gender) identity with Jessica and the world? And what does Glinda the Good Witch have to do with love conquering all? #ChallengeMode

Francois Clousot and Mike Quasar

In this hilarious interview, Holly has on two of the most prolific producers in the adult industry: Francois Clousot and Mike Quasar. Together the three directors discuss cinematic film styles, appropriate behavior towards models on set, and the age-old question as to whether or not Mike dyes his hair. A hilarious and rambunctious episode, this one will have you laughing all the way through!

Sex & Cannabis Live at SXSW w/ Ashley Manta
Ashley Manta joins us on the SXSW podcast stage for our very first live taping. We talk about how to mindfully combine sex and cannabis to enhance intimacy. Ashley blows Ken’s mind when she tells us what Indica and Sativa really mean and Sunny reports in throughout the episode on the effects of CBD lube she slathered on just before going on stage. Ashley breaks down the differences between the CBD from dispensaries vs. what’s available in all 50 states, how to comfortably consume THC if you don’t like feeling high, plus she tells us the secret antidote that brings you down from an intense buzz. We cover the best dosages, delivery methods, and strains for sex + so much more. Ashley jam packs this hour with so much useful information that it’s a great primer for those looking to...

The Buried Pleasure of the Female Body with Sheri Winston

In this episode we dive deep into female sexual arousal with award-winning author, Wholistic Sexuality teacher and medical professional, Sheri Winston. Why have women’s body parts gone missing in history? How does female ejaculation happen on a cellular level? What are some tips for female-bodied folks who want to experience more orgasmic abundance? What about partners who want to up their pleasure skills? We also answer part 2 to last week's sex question about being male-bodied with no/very low libido.

I Had Sex With My Boss for 10 Years (MAS)

Would you have sex with a coworker? Where do you masturbate when you're traveling with your family? How did KarenLee become a sexpert anyway? These are a few of the wide-ranging questions we cover in this Monday Morning After Show! The MMAS is where we respond to listener comments and questions, and this is a hilarious one that you won't want to miss!

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