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May Day, May Day! (May 3, 2019)

Happy May, P-Pod Fans!

Wait, we're 5 months into 2019 already? Oh boy.

This week, we brought you some great content about, well, orgasms! (They're pretty much our favorite thing, after all.) Sluts and Scholars' new episode is literally all about orgasms, featuring Remy and Charlotte of the How Cum Podcast. Shameless Sex brought us an episode about orgasming while parenting (just in time for Mother's Day, eh?), and Cam gave us his thoughts on Dr. Ian Kerner's book "She Comes First" on Sex Talk With My Mom.

It's been a very ~satisfying~ week for us, and we're hoping you'll give our great new shows a listen and maybe pick up a few tips for how to make your spring a little spicier!

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Liz Goldwyn on Sex Work and Burlesque History

This week Tristan chats with Liz Goldwyn, author, filmmaker and the founder of The Sex Ed. Goldwyn’s educational digital platform The Sex Ed, explores sex, health and consciousness in the digital age. A passionate advocate of sex education, Goldwyn is committed to providing resources for others to explore sexual wellness and consciousness. We'll also discuss her sex work novel set in 1897 Los Angeles and her work on Burlesque history.

How Cum? With Remy and Charlotte Kassimir

This week, we are joined by the hilarious Remy Kassimir of the hit How Cum Podcast, and her sister and producer, Charlotte!  Remy had her first ever orgasm just this past year, so we talk about not being able to cum, the diversity of orgasm types (yes they can vary GREATLY!), first orgasm stories, cannabis and orgasms...basically all things orgasm and then some. We know we emphasize not being goal-oriented in sex, but this episode is all about HOW to CUM?!

Don't Ask Alyssa's Mom About Anal! feat. Alyssa Limperis and May Wilkerson (Crazy; In Bed Podcast)

Get ready to have your heartstrings pulled and your pants wetted, this episode is both hilarious and moving. May Wilkerson and Alyssa Limperis, two UCB-trained comedians, join Cam and KarenLee to talk about how addiction and losing a loved one affects your sex life. We also invite on Linda (a.k.a. Alyssa's mom) for some rapid-fire sex questions. If you ever meet her, do not mention anal!

Want more of Alyssa and May? Check out their podcast "Crazy; In Bed." Follow May Wilkerson on IG: @MayWilkerson and TW: @ShutUpMay. Follow Alyssa Limperis on all platforms @AlyssaLimp.

Be a part of our show! Tell us how addiction or death affected your sex life, and we'll try to play it on our Monday Morning After Show. Text or leave us a voicemail at (YES) TEXT-MOM, or (937)-839-8666.

Jon Ronson

Jon Ronson is a brilliant, award winning journalist, author and documentary maker. He has many accolades to his name, but most recently he's done two serial podcasts on the adult industry: The Butterfly Effect and The Last Days of August. In this interview he reveals how his research on the porn industry radically changed his perspective, and how his story on the tragic death of August Ames affected him on a personal level. This is poignant and deeply intimate episode, where both Holly and Jon face confront some very serious topics about cyber bullying, mental health, suicide, and how to draw the line between ethical journalism and exploitation. 

'Dirty 30' (Tanya Gilstrap)

Queer Polyamorous Ethical Slut Tanya Gilstrap has set a daunting goal for the month of April: reclaiming her sexuality - and what better way than with 5 foursomes, 4 threesomes, a group g******g, and an extra credit orgy? Her Seattle sex-positive community of paramours, metamours and friendly kinksters end up being happy to help with her Golden Birthday celebration. Congrats on your Big 3-0 (in more ways than one), Tanya! #ItTakesAVillage #AskForWhatYouWant

The Satisfied Mama with Dana B. Myers

How can mamas reclaim their sensuality after kids? How can busy mamas (or all people) invite pleasure into their daily lives - in and out of the bedroom? And how can couples reignite the fire in long-term relationships? 

Also, guess who's now single? Tune in to learn more!

Roleplay Master Larkin Love

Adult star, Larkin Love, is our guest on ep 87 of American Sex podcast. Ken has a few red-cheeked fan-boy moments and Larkin delves into quite a few important topics: the psychology of mommy domming; the taboo nature of incest play and her insecurities when first exploring that part of herself; the censorship of taboo fetishes on adult sites and how she and other performers are dealing with it; the business behind establishing an online fetish identity & marketing yourself; body shaming and dealing with overly critical fans and followers; her incredibly creative and amazingly bizarre custom clips like the classic “Epic Space Wank” and more.

Cam's Oral Sex Revelation

Cam reads Dr. Ian Kerner's book, "She Comes First," and his mind is literally BLOWN. He's gained a whole new perspective on oral sex, and the duo discuss whether it's better than penetration. They also chat about giving vs. receiving in the contexts of both sex and family dynamics. Join our convo by texting us or leaving a voicemail message at (YES) TEXT-MOM, or (937)-839-8666. We'd love to hear what you consider to be a red flag when you meet someone, and we will try to include your response in our next Monday Morning After Show (MAS).

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