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Our ears are burning! (March 22, 2019)

Happy Friday, P-Pod pals!

They say that all press is good press, but we've gotten some CRAZY good press this week. One of the newer members of our family, Masala Jones, got a write-up in an article for the A.V. Club, and Sex Talk With My Mom got a shout-out as one of "13 Podcasts About Love and Sex to Spice Up Your Commute" in the Huffington Post!

We love our listeners, and we're hopeful that these awesome articles will bring in some new ones! Go check out these fantastic articles to support their authors. A big thank you to Elena Fernández Collins, who authored the review of Masala Jones, and Ginny Hogan and Brittany Wong, who wrote the review of Sex Talk With My Mom.

Season One of Masala Jones

Ummm... have you not listened to this yet? Get it together!

Masala Jones
 is a new scripted comedy about one man's journey to become the world's first Asian-American male porn star. Race, sex, love, family...who knew revolutionizing the world of porn would be this hard? Starring Venk Potula (VEEP, Wild N' Out), Esther Ku (Girl Code, Last Comic Standing), Aurora Snow (AVN Hall of Fame Adult Actress), Ravi Kapoor (Crossing Jordan, Sharp Objects), Timothy Stack (My Name Is Earl, Seinfeld) and many more! Created by Venk Potula and Leland Frankel. Written and Directed by Leland Frankel.

Wet and Ready: Debunking Myths About Vaginal Wetness and Arousal

Are you ready? Wet and ready? In this podcast episode we debunk the myths about vaginal wetness, arousal and female engorgement. Get ready to pull apart wetness, arousal, sexual excitation and other important facets of female sexuality (and other vulva owners and those who love them!)

'Amazon' (Janice in the City)

When 6’4” tall Missouri farmgirl Janice in the City gets her first computer, she finds herself in the Tall People chatrooms, where she meets lonely Elvis Impersonator Manuel. This new long distance relationship makes her feel beautiful for the first time. She drives a thousand miles to lose her virginity in a hotel room only to finally discover Manuel's secret fetish; soon she’s trampling Lego skyscrapers and stomping tiny cities in 6 inch heels to get him rock hard.

Sex Every Day with Caitlin Cogan-Doemner

This week Nicoletta and Simone are joined by Christian author Caitlin Cogan-Doemner. She wrote a series with her husband called Sex Every Day, where they emphasize- you guessed it- having sex everrrryyy day. They talk about how to do this, how to challenge the definition of sex, and how to make a sex menu. Caitlin's perspective comes from an Evangelical Christian background, so this episode also explores the possibilities of being sex positive and Christian. Also thought exercise: do you think you should poop in front of your partner?

KarenLee Destroys Dating Profiles w/ Ryan Asher (Second City)

KarenLee is RUTHLESS as we analyze Cam's and Ryan's Hinge profiles. Ryan Asher is a HILARIOUS comedian and Mainstage performer at the infamous Second City in Chicago. Not only do we share perspectives on online dating, but we chat about sex on cruise ships and what it's like to be in a year-long sex drought.

If you enjoyed this chat with Ryan, listen to our bonus Patreon episode where we talk about Ryan's wildest sexual experience! Go to

Make sure to check out Ryan's hilarious comedy! You can find her at Second City Chicago in their mainstage performance, "Algorithm Nation or The Static Quo." You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram @Reen_Machine. 

Ryan Keely Interviews Holly Randall

In this episode, we flip the script and have one of our favorite guests, Ryan Keely, interview the host Holly Randall! Find out about Holly's childhood as the daughter of Suze Randall, and how porn as a family business shaped her upbringing. Holly speaks openly about her struggles with addiction, the changes she's seen over her last 20 years in the adult industry, and so much more. There's some tears and a whole lotta laughs in this interview-- if you wanted to learn more about the host of this podcast, this is the episode to listen to!

The Science of Sexual Fantasy with Dr. Justin Lehmiller

What are the most common fantasies people have? Where do they come from? Why do we have them? And how do I talk to my partner about my fantasies? How can we bring fantasy into real life? We also answer a sex question: I’m a straight man engaged to a beautiful woman, but I never crave sex.

Sex & Stigma: Stories of Everyday Life in Nevada's Legal Brothels

Nevada is the only state in the US where full-service sex work is legal, but how much do most of us really know about the brothel ecosystem? This week we talk to Dr. Sarah Blythe, co-author of Sex and Stigma: Stories of Everyday Life in Nevada’s Legal Brothels, a book that highlights stories of brothel employees. We talk about what her research uncovered–the positives of consensual sex work in Nevada and it’s juxtaposition with outdated rules and laws that encourage unfair labor practices, discrimination, and perpetuate stigma about sex work. We discuss lockdown policies & curfews, the hypocritical nature of towns that rely on brothel revenue but treat sex workers like second class citizens, and the importance of co-authoring this research with a graduate student who is also a legal courtesan.

Rough Sex + The Virgin Bachelor (MAS)

When does rough sex become too rough? Is it when your partner barks orders about finger-banging? Or is it when you shave your pubes and the stubble creates chafing? This is the Monday Morning After Show where we answer all your comments and questions related to clammy hands, weak orgasms, and skinny dipping. We also include a clip from Cam's grandpa / KarenLee's dad about sponge baths and aging dicks.

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