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The weekend is here, and so are two new podcasts! (March 15, 2019)

Happy Friday, P-Pod pals!

We're so excited to tell you about the two new members of the Pleasure Podcasts family!
First up, we have "Masala Jones," a brand new comedy podcast from the brains of Venk Potula and Leland Frankel. The entire first season, consisting of six tasty episodes, is available now wherever you get your podcasts!
We've also joined forces with "Shameless Sex" starring April Lampert and Amy Baldwin, a program championing shame-free sexual experiences and self-love. April and Amy are coming up on their hundredth episode, so go binge on some empowering episodes right now!

We're delighted to add these fantastic new programs to our network, and we can't wait for you to get to know them!

Season One of Masala Jones

Masala Jones is a new scripted comedy about one man's journey to become the world's first Asian-American male porn star. Race, sex, love, family...who knew revolutionizing the world of porn would be this hard? Starring Venk Potula (VEEP, Wild N' Out), Esther Ku (Girl Code, Last Comic Standing), Aurora Snow (AVN Hall of Fame Adult Actress), Ravi Kapoor (Crossing Jordan, Sharp Objects), Timothy Stack (My Name Is Earl, Seinfeld) and many more! Created by Venk Potula and Leland Frankel. Written and Directed by Leland Frankel.

Role-Play and How to be Dominant in the Bedroom With Midori

What do I do if my partner asks me to do role-play and I'm uncomfortable with being in the spotlight? How does one learn how to do authentic yet sexy role-play? And what about dominance? Can I learn how to tap into my most confident, dominant self (even when I don't feel it in everyday life)? Join us for this playful yet informative episode with world renown sex educator, Midori. We talk about role-play, dominance, outing the awkward, confidence, making negotiation sexy, and more! We also answer a sex question: I feel like I'm the one who is always initiating sex. How do I get my partner to initiate more often?

Kristina Rose

Kristina Rose is a no-holds-barred kind of girl who says exactly what she thinks. Though she is currently not performing in scenes, Kristina is such a popular porn star that her star power is still felt all over the web. An admitted "wild child" Kristina has recently settled into a more domestic life, but that doesn't stop her from being one of the funniest and most outrageous guests we've had. You can take the girl out of porn but you can't take the porn out of the girl! This episode will definitely have you laughing out loud.

Untrue: The Science of Sluttery with Wednesday Martin

This episode is ESSENTIAL for anyone with a vulva, or anyone who loves a person with a vulva. Wednesday Martin joins for a debunking of the myths surrounding female sexuality. From different types of desires, to sexual boredom, and monogamy as a spectrum, we talk about the real intersection of culture and the clitoris. Also- what the heck is heterozygosity and why are we attracted to certain partner's natural scents?!

'DangerSex' (Fay Romero)

Fay Romero clearly has a type – or so he thinks when he meets up with therapist number 3 on OKCupid. Jessica showcases all the things he enjoys in a new partner: she’s cute, intelligent, and witty. He’s pretty sure he knows what to expect when she invites him back to her condo. But when aroused, Jessica rockets Fay back to a scary place that features snake-handling and speaking in tongues. Should he bolt before her head spins a la The Exorcist, or just strap in, welcome the demons and enjoy the ride?

F*cking With Anxiety feat. Emily Hartridge

One of KarenLee's YouTube crushes, Emily Hartridge, joins us to chat about anxiety and sex. How does your mental health affect your sex life? When you're starting to date, how quickly do you tell someone that you are a bit "mental"? When, how, and why do you freeze your eggs?! Emily is a super fun, wise, and open person and we were delighted to chat with her!

Exploring BDSM w/Sunny Megatron & Lexi Sylver

This BDSM episode is a perfect primer for those dipping their toes into the kinky pool for the first time or for experienced kinksters looking for a little renewed inspiration. Ken & Sunny’s approach to kink is quite different than what’s typically depicted. Nearly every stereotype, archetype, and “rule” you thought applied to BDSM is about to be broken. In this episode Sunny talks with Lexi Sylver of the Seek, Discover, Create podcast about all things BDSM. They cover: the roles of a dominant and submissive, how to start communicating and experimenting with your partner to discover what your kinks are, tips for playing safely, the importance of consent and safe words, what “aftercare” is really all about and how it works, the potentially therapeutic benefits of BDSM play,...

Expanding Erotic Communication with Stella Harris

We all know communication is essential for healthy relationships and great sex – but how do we begin to level up our erotic communication skills? How do we break through the fear and shame to start talking openly about what we want in bed?

Sex coach and author Stella Harris joins us to explore the tricky terrain of erotic communication. Stella guides us in activating more authentic communication – before, during and after sex.

Death, Sex & Weed

This is a PERSONAL one. KarenLee and Cam take a trip back to their hometown of Chicago to visit their aging parents/grandparents. On the trip, KarenLee falls asleep onstage during a theatrical production. Cam wakes up an entire hotel by wailing hysterically. Their reality is put into check as they come face-to-face with death and dying.

Peyton Carper